When the final bell announces the end of another school term, the students leave behind a lot more than dusty footprints. Germs and bacteria have settled deep into the carpet over the past months, grease film has built up on the windowpanes, and the gym floor has lost its shine and now shows serious signs of wear and tear.

At the start of every school term, the students should be provided with an invigorating environment to easier face the challenges to come. And what better time to do just that than now that all the students are gone and the classrooms and halls are left empty. This is the time for a thorough, deep cleaning to begin – scrubbing, wiping and dusting everything from top to bottom, and of course, stripping, cleaning blinds, furniture, vents, and light fixtures, among other tasks.

The end-of-term cleaning is always customised to the needs of each school individually, and the scope of works can include as many tasks as deemed necessary. Here are a few suggestions on what details a school might need to address:


Desktops and keyboards host most viruses and bacteria and will need a thorough clean and sanitising, as well as all the touchpoints on and inside desks.

  • Desks and Chairs to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised, including chair seats and back

  • For a deeper clean whenever necessary, chairs can be pressure washed and sanitised

  • Computers, keyboards and phones to be cleaned and sanitised

  • Upholstered ottomans and chairs to be steam cleaned

  • Classroom Sinks to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised

  • All the cupboard surfaces and shelves to be wiped down inside out

  • All the internal doors to be wiped clean and door handles disinfected

  • Children’s lockers to be thoroughly cleaned, including the top of lockers

  • Fans and air conditioning grills to be cleaned

  • Heater to be wiped

  • Light fittings to be cleaned

  • Stains to be removed from the walls, doors and light switches

  • High ledges and blinds to be cleaned



All bathrooms to be thoroughly cleaned:

  • Toilet bowls and urinals cleaned inside/out and sanitised, and stains removed
  • Sinks cleaned inside/out and sanitised, and stains removed
  • Toilet cubicles thoroughly wiped, incl. top of cubicles
  • Walls wiped especially under the dispensers
  • Mirrors cleaned
  • Vent grilles dusted and wiped


            • Kitchen cabinets, table and chairs to be wiped

            • Fridges to be cleaned inside/out

            • Oven to be cleaned on the inside

            • Microwave to be cleaned inside/out

            • Coffee Machine to be wiped

            • Sink to be cleaned and sanitised, and stains removed



            • Floors to be thorough vacuumed and mopped incl. all the edges, corners and areas behind the doors, as well as skirting boards

            • Hall floor to be stripped & sealed, incl. 3-coat polish to be applied
            • Wet areas non-polish vinyl flooring to be machine scrubbed
            • Tiled flooring to be washed thoroughly
            • Carpeted areas to be steam cleaned, incl. gum and stains to be removed


            • Windows to be cleaned inside/out, including window sills and ledges

            • Window partitions to be cleaned

            • All glass doors to be washed inside/out

            OUTDOOR AREAS

            • Outside concrete areas to be cleaned with a machine

            • Leaves to be cleared from stormwater

            • Wheelie bins to be washed inside/out

            • Drinking troughs and taps to be thoroughly cleaned

            • Outside children’s shelves to be cleaned

            • Cobwebs to be removed

            Cleanaux is well experienced in detailed end-of-term cleaning. Please feel free to contact us for more information, free custom-made quote, or advice: or 1300 277 009