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Trusted Body Corporate Cleaning Services in Melbourne​

Your building or company’s image can be damaged if the building you occupy has dirty windows.


Probably more important is the fact that clean windows allow far more natural light into your work space, giving the workforce a brighter and healthier environment to work in, as well as saving on the use of artificial light.


We specialise in both domestic and commercial window cleaning.


We service Owners and Body Corporations, residential properties from houses, town houses and units, to commercial buildings, store fronts and more.

When it comes to exceptional body corporate cleaning services in Melbourne, Cleanaux stands as a paragon of experience and purpose. With a focus on fostering thriving communities, our expertise spans years, promising not just cleanliness but also a sense of belonging.


At the core of our services lies a foundation built upon strong relationships characterised by trust and responsibility. Those searching for premium body corporate cleaning in Melbourne consider our body corporate cleaning services to make their homes sparkling clean. Our Melbourne suburbs and ownership resonates our commitment to adding value to both clients and communities in need.


From the buzzing entryways to the peaceful outdoor spots, We ensure every nook and cranny shines with thorough cleaning. With 18+ years of experience, we have raised the bar for body corporate cleaning services in Melbourne.

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implement this innovative system in your institution.


Hiring professional body corporate cleaners in Melbourne brings forth a range of significant benefits that go beyond just a tidy appearance.

These professionals are equipped with the skills and tools to ensure shared spaces shine with cleanliness and offer countless advantages that resonate with both property managers and occupants alike.

Engaging professional body corporate services ensures expertise and precision in every nook and cranny, guaranteeing meticulous cleanliness.

These professionals bring improved hygiene and health to shared spaces through thorough body corporate cleaning, eliminating germs and allergens for a safer environment.

Entrusting the responsibility of body corporate cleaning to specialists means saving maximum hours and efforts spent on cleaning. Both property managers and occupants to focus on essential tasks.

Professional body corporate cleaning safeguards your home’s aesthetics and maintains the overall property allure.

Body corporate cleaning professionals will help you create an inviting and fresh atmosphere when you or your guests step in.

Professional body corporate services are focused on using sustainable and eco-friendly practices, which contributes to a greener future and maintains a clean environment.

Experience the reliability of consistent upkeep through scheduled body corporate cleaning services, ensuring shared spaces remain impeccable over time.

  • Cleaning common area hallways and walls
  • Maintaining lobby glass and doors
  • Interior and exterior lift cleaning
  • Bin chute room vacuuming, mopping, and cover cleaning
  • Front entry path and letterbox area cleaning
  • Car park entry ramp cleaning
  • Residents’ garden terrace upkeep
  • Vacuuming carpets and disinfecting tiled areas
  • Cleaning glass windows, doors, mirrors, and balustrades
  • Rubbish removal, bin room vicinity cleaning
  • Regular letterbox area cleaning and dusting
  • Sweeping building’s front entry
  • Optional tile, grout, and carpet cleaning
  • External pathways high-pressure cleaning
  • Rubbish removal from units or houses

What sets our body corporate cleaning services apart?

Let our distinctive features speak for themselves:

Comprehensive Cleaning Approach

Our body corporate cleaners provide exceptional full-surface disinfection, including floors, stairwells, walls, and public areas like entrances and hallways. We even manage lighting checks and bulb replacements if needed.

Thorough Fan and Vent Cleaning

Going beyond the basics, we ensure that fans and heating/cooling vents are sparkling clean, contributing to a healthier environment.

Rubbish and Waste Removal

Our commitment extends to responsible waste disposal, ensuring your premises are clean and free from unnecessary clutter.

Tailored Solutions

We understand that every space is unique. That is why we meticulously follow your instructions, creating a customised cleaning plan that precisely meets your requirements.

Hygienic Cleaning Processes

Our cleaners are well-versed in our specially developed cleaning processes that prioritise hygiene and minimise cross-contamination, maintaining a safe and healthy environment.

Professional and Friendly Team

Our fully trained cleaners embody expertise in their field and a commitment to maintaining a safe and secure working environment. Each cleaner has successfully passed thorough background checks and brings years of valuable experience to the table.

Flexible Scheduling

We respect your preferences. Whether you need daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or even one-time cleaning, we can schedule our service according to your availability and preference.

Fully Insured

With up-to-date public liability insurance, we ensure you are covered in every aspect of our service.


Looking for a body corporate cleaning that transcends the ordinary? Trust Cleanaux and experience a transformation that goes beyond cleanliness.