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Experts in Commercial & Office Cleaning Services in Melbourne

There’s nothing that does as much for your company image as a clean workplace. The presentation of your workplace has an effect on visitors and employees. It’s the first impression your clients get about your company, and for your staff.


Cleanaux offer their clients the benefit and comfort of a clean working environment, through its daily office cleaning services. We embrace all aspects of office cleaning, from the basic daily tasks such as washroom hygiene, to periodical cleaning, care of carpets, walls, ceilings, windows, telephones – in fact every detail that relates to the cleaning of an office building.


We can provide cleaning services from just one day a week to seven days a week depending on your needs and all this at very reasonable prices. We work together with our clients to turn each office into a shining business.

At Cleanaux, we understand the significance of a clean and organised workspace. With a team of dedicated professionals and a commitment to excellence, we offer comprehensive office cleaning services that go beyond the surface. 


Whether you need regular cleaning services, deep cleaning, or specialised cleaning for different commercial spaces, we’ve got the expertise to deliver. We are ready to discuss your cleaning needs, understand your goals, and provide a customised cleaning plan that aligns perfectly with your business. Don’t settle for anything less than a clean and inviting environment!


implement this innovative system in your institution.


Hygiene Consumables And Cleaning Supplies

Cleanaux can provide all the supplies you may need for your office. Our cleaners will monitor the consumption and make sure your stock is always replenished on time.

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Elevate Your Business with Premium Commercial Office Cleaning Services

In the bustling city of Melbourne, where businesses thrive, maintaining a pristine office environment is paramount. Our commercial cleaning services are designed to give your office the attention it deserves. Whether you operate a body corporate office, a retail space, or a medical facility, our expertise spans across various sectors. We help businesses create an environment that fosters productivity and professionalism.

Why Choose Our Melbourne Office Commercial Cleaning Company?

Our commitment to quality is reflected in every aspect of our services:

Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Needs

No two businesses are alike, and neither are their cleaning requirements. That’s why our approach begins with a thorough assessment of your workspace. Our team customises a cleaning plan that addresses your specific needs. From general cleaning to specialised tasks, we tailor our services to ensure your office shines from floor to ceiling.

Trusted Professionals

Entrusting the cleanliness of your office to professionals ensures a hygienic and inviting workspace. Our proficient cleaners are adept at handling all aspects of commercial cleaning, employing cutting-edge techniques and eco-friendly products to ensure a safe and conducive environment for your team.

Impeccable Commercial Cleaning Techniques

Our dedicated team of professionals is armed with the latest cleaning techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. From cleaning stubborn stains to disinfecting high-touch surfaces, we leave no stone unturned. Our goal is not just to clean but to create a space that promotes health and well-being.

Comprehensive Office Cleaning Solutions

At Cleanaux, we believe in going beyond the basics. Our comprehensive office cleaning solutions encompass everything from the floors to the ceilings. Our professionals use advanced tools and their industry knowledge to transform your office into a spotless and inviting environment.

Eco-Friendly Practices

We understand the importance of a safe and healthy environment, both for your employees and the planet. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our choice of cleaning products and techniques. We prioritise eco-friendly options that effectively clean without harming the environment.

Specialised Services for Various Commercial Spaces

We recognise that different commercial spaces have distinct cleaning needs. Our specialised services are tailored to address these unique requirements:

Offices and Workspaces

A clean office enhances productivity and employee well-being. We ensure that your office space is free from dust, dirt, and clutter, creating an atmosphere conducive to work.

Warehouses and Industrial Spaces

Industrial spaces require specialised cleaning techniques. Our team is trained to handle the challenges of warehouses and industrial environments, ensuring cleanliness and safety.

Retail Stores and Showrooms

First impressions matter, especially in retail. Our cleaning services ensure that your retail space shines, providing a unique shopping experience for your customers.

Our Process: Elevating Your Workspace with Expertise

Transforming your office into a pristine haven is our mission at Cleanaux. Our streamlined office cleaning services in Melbourne are designed to provide a seamless and satisfying experience. Discover the journey we take to create an exceptional workspace for your business.


Initial Assessment and Customized Cleaning Plan

Every office is unique, and so are its cleaning needs. Our process begins with a thorough assessment of your workspace. We take the time to understand your requirements, challenges, and specific areas of focus. Based on this assessment, we create a customised cleaning plan tailored to your office’s layout and preferences. This ensures that every nook and cranny is addressed effectively.

Skilled Cleaning Crew and Supervision

Our cleaning crew comprises skilled professionals who are well-versed in the intricacies of office cleaning. They’re not just cleaners; they’re professionals dedicated to elevating the cleanliness of your workspace. Our team is trained to use the latest cleaning techniques and equipment, ensuring that every task is performed precisely.


Supervision is a crucial aspect of our process. Our supervisors oversee the cleaning crew, ensuring that each task is executed according to our high standards. This level of supervision guarantees that the cleaning process is efficient and meticulous.

Quality Checks and Assurance

At Cleanaux, quality is non-negotiable. We conduct regular quality checks throughout the cleaning process to maintain our commitment to excellence. These checks ensure that each task has been completed to our satisfaction and that your office meets the standards we’re known for. We don’t just clean; we ensure your office gleams with perfection.

Transparent Communication and Feedback

Communication is the cornerstone of our process. We believe in transparency every step of the way. Our team communicates with you about our progress, specific requirements and potential challenges. We value your feedback and encourage open communication. If there are areas you’d like us to focus on or aspects you’d like us to adjust, we’re all ears.

Invest in the expertise of commercial cleaning companies in Melbourne that prioritise your needs. Contact us today at 1300 277 009 to experience our process firsthand and witness the transformation of your workspace.