Cleanaux is here to assist you with getting safely through this difficult and uncertain time. We have adapted cleaning services to the new circumstances and implemented the preventive measures in accordance with the government recommendations.


      • Mist Spraying – This technique includes dispersion of chemical disinfectant into a fine mist to provide even disinfection across surfaces and to eliminate airborne virus and bacteria.


      • Two-Step Wipe-Down – All the surfaces, objects, fixtures, and fittings are first cleaned with a detergent solution to eliminate soil, dust and organic matter. After thorough cleaning, disinfectant is applied to kill all the remaining viruses


      • Vacuuming with HEPA – These High-Efficiency Particular Arrestor filters capture efficiently fine microscopic particles and give the carpet a deep clean.


      • Steam Cleaning – Steam penetrates deep into the carpet and upholstered furniture and kills bacteria, viruses, mould, and dust mites.




High-touch contact points are disinfected on each scheduled clean:

      • Door handles
      • Light switches
      • Handrails
      • Lift buttons
      • Telephones
      • Desks and office equipment
      • Taps, sinks and dispensers in the toilets and kitchen
      • Kitchen benchtops, cupboard handles, appliances: fridge and microwave handles, coffee machine, coffee pots handles, water coolers



      • Our experienced COVID-19 emergency response team holds a GBAC certificate in biohazard cleaning and is ready to respond quickly and efficiently in time of need.


      • Our professional cleaners are all trained in environmental cleaning and deliver cleaning and disinfecting services on a regular basis according to your needs.




      • Colour coded cleaning equipment for better infection control and prevention of cross-contamination
      • Use of hospital grade disinfectant that kills 99.9% of germs
      • Careful management of cleaners’ rosters to minimise cross-contamination between sites
      • Personal protective equipment – face mask and cleaning gloves


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