We can all agree that there are a number of factors contributing to the health and success of a business. Unless you are running a small home-based business, you are most likely to have a working space to accommodate employees, students or customers, who will spend there a big portion of their lives. The physical environment and how well it is maintained plays a big role in the way people feel and perform, and this will reflect on your business as well. Although cleaning may sound like a simple task, a more complex and busy environment may need a tad more than occasional dusting and vacuuming, and you may need to consider entrusting the job to the professionals in order to enjoy long-term benefits. Following are but a few things that professional cleaning can help you achieve for your business:



First impressions are an important factor in the success of your operation. Be it a potential employee, a customer or a business partner, they will start creating an idea of the way you conduct business as soon as they walk into your reception area. A clean, decluttered, and airy space will help create a positive feel and boost the confidence your visitors have in your business goods and services. Moreover, a pristine clean and fresh workplace will encourage your staff to dress and look more presentable as well, which in turn will help elevate the image you are trying to project onto your customers and business partners.


Anything opposite of that, well, you guessed it, your visitors will most likely perceive as a shoddy business, and if they still haven’t fled the ‘grime’ scene, then they’ll put on guard that will interfere with your business transaction.


The solution lies in consistent cleaning tailored to the needs of your workplace. While high-traffic areas such as the reception area, kitchen and toilets may need to be cleaned every day, others may require only periodic maintenance. A commercial cleaning company will bring experience and knowledge to the table, and be able to suggest the correct cleaning frequency and techniques for each area.




As much as an employer is selecting the right candidate to fill in a job opening, the potential employee is also choosing the right workplace. Besides the obvious, the candidates will also be judging your business according to the appearance of the workplace and those who occupy it. They will try to picture themselves coming to work every day and what their typical workday may be like. Stained carpet, dusty desks and grimy blinds will likely turn away high-quality candidates. After all, the message you are sending out is that the wellbeing of your employees is not being cared for.


Look for the tell-tale signs that the cleanliness must be taken to the next level. Stained and smelly bins, dirty corners, dusty windowsills, marks on the wall, clogged air vents…These may not be obvious things, but if kept in perfect condition this will nevertheless create a positive element of surprise for all the new members of your team.




It is no secret that a large number of people occupying a small space like an office or a classroom is a great way to contract minor or major illnesses. Viruses and bacteria can spread rapidly from one person to the next especially through contact, and if the surfaces are not kept clean on a regular basis, you are likely to face a significant increase in sick leaves. With many of your valued employees absent from work, your business can suffer as well, while students loose consistency in their education which in turn reflects on their poorer academic results.


Wiping thoroughly and frequently the high-touch points will contribute to the health of your employees and students. Make sure that wiping is done properly with an appropriate cleaning agent and equipment. If reusable cloths are used, they should be washed frequently, and one cloth should always be used for one area only to prevent cross contamination.




Keeping a workplace clean and tidy is instrumental on your mental wellness. Studies have shown that people respond better to an environment where they can easily move around, breathe fresh air, use clean kitchen and bathroom. On the other hand, a cluttered, grimy, and smelly workspace may lead to the feeling of fatigue, depression and loss of focus. Eventually, employees become less likely to achieve their goals throughout the day, and even loose desire to be part of your team and start job hunting.


Investing into a quality cleaner may prove to be a cost-saving solution on the long run. Your employees can then focus on their work and get the boost they need to feel motivated and confident. Moreover, happy employees will stay loyal, feel proud to be part of the business, and be more likely to share positive feedback with your customers, business partners and new employees.




Every workplace occasionally runs into problems, most of which are not cause for alarm, but it takes one issue that is not dealt with properly to cause a significant setback for a business.
A wet carpet, for example after a flooding, can create a series of other issues if not addressed properly and timely: it can get damaged by the water, thus imposing additional financial losses; Mold and mildew develop over time that can be impossible to eradicate once they penetrate deep into the carpet; Subsequently, this can result in indoor air pollution that will expose every occupant and visitor of the affected workspace to the risk of developing respiratory diseases.


Having a good cleaning company onboard will save you a lot of headache. When selecting a cleaning company, check on the array of services that the company can provide. You want to ensure that they will be able to deal with the issue at hand, and that their response time is acceptable. Look for services such as carpet steam cleaning, window cleaning, pressure washing or vinyl and timber floor maintenance. This will also be important when organising a spring clean of your workplace every 6-12 months.


If you are considering engaging a professional cleaning company, make sure you choose the right one. To assist you in your search, click here to read more on HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT CLEANING COMPANY.


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